Top 3 Drainage Line and Sewer Cleaning Tips

How often do you do your sewer cleaning? Sewers and drains are not things you often think about unless you are a plumber. Any experienced drainage expert will tell you that every drain in your house joins a sewer line. And, sewer lines run out of your house to join sewer mains or a mainline.

Does sewer cleaning matter? Firstly, a sewer line is long. Whatever waste you flush or dump goes down these lines. Have you ever heard a strange noise in your pipes or noticed discolored water or an ebb in your normally high-pressure water flow? Is there a foul smell in your house, or even the threat of contaminated water? Well, it’s time for some sewer cleaning. 

It is recommended to work with drain cleaning professionals or a reputable drain cleaner because they professional draining cleaning services. Here are three tips to help keep your sewer line clean and ward off drain flies. 

Clean your drains and sewers regularly

sewer cleaning tips

It’s good practice to stock a high-grade enzyme cleaner from any plumbing outlet or hardware store. These come in varieties so you have plenty of choices of options to choose from. Many drain experts recommend a basement drain as the best place to use drain cleaners. However, they explain even a main drain will do. 

Does excess water build up when you take a shower? What could be causing the blockage? When you shampoo your hair or shave, the fallen strands can lead to a clogged bathtub drain. Soap scum and toothpaste are other culprits of a clogged bathroom sink drain or clogged underground pipes. 

Irregular or improper drain and sewer cleaning leads to extensively clogged drains or worse. Unless you’re a drain expert, it is challenging to perform a visual inspection and determine if you need drain repair because of corrosion from sludge build-up. So don’t take chances.  Contact a professional commercial drain cleaning services provider that specializes in drain repair, replacement, and sewer line cleaning to ensure you flush toilets seamlessly and keep your pipes clean. 

2.  Use drain snake and grease strippers for simple clogs

A drain snake and a grease stripper are ideal for bathtub drain cleaning and drain experts for simple clogs. A drain snake’s cable uses an electric motor, which turns its head in your clogged drain cutting away the blockage. Watch you don’t damage the drainage line.

Alternatively, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to help drainage line cleaning. The foam bubbles act as a grease striper and can unclog drains.

However, a drain snake or grease stripper will not clear up disgusting sewer backups. Keep in mind that addressing basement floor drain issues and a clogged kitchen drain can end drain flies infestation and odor. 

3. Hire commercial drain cleaning services 

Clogged or blocked drainage lines can direct water back into your house. In this case, drain line cleaning and sewer cleaning get complicated. It’s beyond drain snakes and grease stripers.

Don’t take chances with roof drains or stress over a combination sewer cleaner. Can you check and maintain a sump pit drainage system for basement floor drain cleaning?

There are many professional drain cleaning experts in Ottawa experts who understand drainage operations, drain cleaning services, and sewer cleaning.  Sometimes, your drainage issues need high-pressure water for thoroughly scouring a pipe wall or clearing debris discharge.

Commercial drain cleaning services providers deal with your pipe walls, sewer pipe, roto-rooter machine for underground roof drains, and drain line rooter cleaning, and much more. Let the drain experts help you when your sewer line and drain cleaning. Drain cleaning professionals also do maintenance and inspection.   

Do you need sewer cleaning services?

If so, contact Orleans Plumbing. We offer a broad range of services such as cleaning dirty floor drains, common drains, sewer cleaning, and more. We have been in the drain cleaning business for many years, and you can count on our expertise in commercial sewer drain cleaning and basement plumbing services. 

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