5 Reasons you need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Blocked pipes and clogged drains often begin as a minor problem that escalates into significant plumbing challenges. This is because simple things like coffee grounds, hair, and food particles get caught along with clogging agents. Once your water pipes get clogged, the chances are that they will you will notice slow drain movement, followed by flooding, corrosion, and in the worst-case scenario, sewage backup! Hiring a professional drain cleaning services provider could prevent costly repairs

Why hire professional drain cleaning services?

Drain cleaning is somewhat a complicated process, and simple mistakes could affect the entire plumbing system. Unfortunately, most property owners don’t realize the importance of professional drain cleaning services until they try to resolve clogged drains themselves. Most DIYers often do more harm than good. Here are the reasons you need professional drain cleaning services.

1.   Most chemical drain cleaners may do more harm than good.

Most property owners prefer store-bought drain cleaners to keep their pipes clean. Unfortunately, these cleaners contain corrosive chemicals that can potentially erode your pipes from inside out. With time, the eroded pipes weaken, resulting in significant leak levels and catastrophic damage. Besides, the heat produced by some chemicals can quickly soften PVC and other similar materials.

Though chemical drain cleaners are quick, short-term fix and most people use them to unclog a blocked kitchen sink, you need professional drain cleaning services to keep your drains clean without causing long-term damage. 

2.   Minimize blockages or drain clogs

Cleaning your property’s drain system regularly can prevent blockages. Even minor blockages can potentially create significant plumbing problems, particularly in your shower drain and sinks. Generally, water flow is highly restricted as debris, and other materials accumulate inside your pipes or drains. For instance, hair and soap residue buildup in your drains little by little and with time could cause a blockage. 

Professional drain cleaning services can help keep such materials from accumulating, and this reduces the instances of blocked drains. While most property owners maintain a steady flow of water by applying chemical drain cleaners, experienced plumbers don’t recommend this method.

3.   Healthy indoor environment

Drain Cleaning Services

Blockages and other drain problems have a detrimental effect on the indoor environment within your property. Here is why you need professional drain cleaning services to keep your indoor environment healthy;

Odors: Clogged sewer lines are associated with unpleasant smells. Unfortunately, flushing the water will not help. Just call a professional drain cleaner to help address the plumbing issues and get rid of the unbearable smell.

Mold and mildew: Dark and moist environment of water pipes or drains creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. Fumes from fungi can trigger allergies and other health problems. 

Flies: That slime sliding in your property’s drain system is a perfect environment for drain flies. These flies are similar to moths but tend to hatch inside drains. In the case of leaky drains, the chances are that these flies will invade your property. 

Generally, clogged drains or pipes can result in sewage accumulation or backup. Raw sewage contains rotting materials discarded from your home, not to mention the unbearable order. It can also contain harmful pathogens, and this isn’t something you want on your property’s floor.

4.   Lower water bills

Suppose there’s a hidden water leak in your property; your utility provider will simply register it as increased water usage. That means you will pay higher water bills. A certified plumber can help inspect and repair your pipes or drains. The earlier you identify a leak and fix it, the earlier you start paying low water bills.

5.   Timely diagnostics

Suppose you have clogged drains or pipes; professional drain cleaners use a special video camera that reaches deep into the pipe to effectively inspect plumbing systems. The technician can easily identify the primary cause of the problem, whether it’s greasy buildup, tree roots, or foreign objects. Also, the technician can apply the right solutions to correct the issue and prevent catastrophic damage.


Do not risk any form of water damage, drainage issues, and unbearable odors in your property just because of a stubborn clogged drain. Hire professional drain cleaning services to ensure seamless flow and prevent instances of blockage. At Orleans Plumbing, we have plumbing professionals who help property owners address clogged kitchen drains, clogged bathroom drains, clogged sewer drains, plumbing emergency issues, and regular maintenance services. We also offer excellent customer service.

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