6 Reasons to Find a Professional Water Heater Installer

Are you planning to call a water heater installer to install a water heater at your home? During the cold months, a water heater becomes an essential home appliance. The majority of homes in Canada rely solely on electricity. These households likely have water heaters. So, it’s a must you make sure that your water heater is in perfect working condition.

Or else, a faulty water heater will result in avoidable electric consumption. Furthermore, if you are using a faulty gas water heater, there is a risk of producing harmful carbon monoxide. In these cases, homeowners in Canada need to seek professional help from a seasoned water heater installer to offer professional water heater repair solutions. But why should you hire an expert if you can fix the issue on your own?

This article focuses on why you should hire a professional water heater installer to fix your hot water heaters.

1.   Lower water and energy consumption

One of the greatest reasons you should hire an experienced water heater installer to fix your faulty water heater is the savings you will enjoy from your energy and water consumption. Whenever water heaters are not working optimally, they consume more energy to heat water.

In turn, it requires to consume more energy than it’s supposed to. Furthermore, you must leave your tap water open for a longer time to attain the temperature you desire. Mix the two, and the outcome is higher water and energy bills by the end of every month.

2.   Professional water heater installation and repair

Because you are paying for high-quality water heater repair solutions, you need to get exactly that: professional-level water heater service. Even when you think you can do hot water tank repair, it pales compared to expert repair services.

For starters, when a seasoned water heater installer handles your heater repair project, you will be assured of the safety of the entire process from beginning to finish. A specialty brings along their skills, safety gear, and tools to do the work.

Furthermore, a professional water heater installer is highly skilled in handling all kinds of issues concerning water heaters and water tanks. The professional will perform a comprehensive inspection to define the cause of the problem.  After that, your water heater installer will conduct the required steps and bring your water heater back to perfect working condition on time.

Besides, an expert will advise if your water heater requires a replacement. They will search for the best possible solution to solve your problem.

3.   Affordable option to ensure your water heating appliance is efficient

water heater installer

Solving a water tank heater issue swiftly is one of the numerous reasons to hire an expert. Other than completing the project faster, working with an expert is a cheap option. If you believe you can save some money by opting for DIY, employing an expert can save you from spending a lot of money in the long run. When you fix the water heater by yourself, you will make a lot of mistakes.

In most cases, these mistakes can be costly to rectify.

On the other hand, allowing an expert to handle the project means covering all bases. The hot water tank repair professionals will look at the issue from all corners. They will identify if any underlying issue needs an immediate solution. Moreover, they will utilize high-quality replacement parts when conducting the repairs. Homeowners in Canada can expect the spare parts to work perfectly for many years to come.

4.   Seamless water tank and water heater installation

As you all know, there are some situations where you will need to replace an old heater. Or maybe you just relocated to a new home and want to install a water heater. In that case, a professional water heater expert can provide dependable water heater installation services.

Water tanks and water heaters entail some complexities. They come with complicated wirings and plumbing fixtures. So, installing one needs a special set of tools, expertise, and knowledge. Even when you think that your hands are steady, you might make some mistakes that mess up the whole installation process. You might even compromise the safety of the water tanks and water heater. Bear in mind that some water heating units require fuel to function.

But when you choose to hire a professional water heater installer, you do not need to worry about anything. A water heater installer will flawlessly install a new water tank and water heater without any complications.

5.   Consistent and quality water supply

When you choose to hire a professional water heater installer, you are guaranteeing your household gets to enjoy a quality and consistent supply of hot water. Also, you are assuring the safety of the water.

With the help of professional water heater repair solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing that your water heater and the water tank are in perfect working condition. That means getting hot water any moment you desire.

This is extremely vital, particularly during winter.

An expert service can guarantee that your water tanks and water heater are free from the accumulation of harmful minerals. Whenever mineral components accumulate in a water tank or water heaters, they impact the heating ability of the heating unit. In most cases, these components might even get into your water taps. These harmful components can compromise the safety of your loved ones.

6.   A professional water installer will provide warranty and insurance

Working with a professional water heater installer doesn’t mean that you will forfeit the warranty of your heating unit. The majority of water heaters have warranties. However, if you opt to fix your faulty water heater or hire a professional who does not have a work license, this might void the warranty.

By assigning a seasoned water heater installer who is insured and licensed, you’ll not forfeit the manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, a reliable water heater installation company comes with valid insurance. Bear in mind that anything untoward occurs to their technicians or your home during the repair. In this case, the insurance company will cover the expenses and damages.


Hiring an experienced technician providing water heater installation and repair solutions is a smart move. They will guarantee the quality of the repair and protect your household. Orleans Plumbing will help you to choose the right unit for your needs and get it installed.

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